Georgia Film Session

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LSU looks to rebound when it travels to Starkville on Saturday

LSU fell to Georgia on Saturday, 44-41, and it’s time to take a look at this week’s film session.


2 RB – 2 WR – 1 TE: 35 Plays (19 Runs & 16 Passes)
2 RB – 1 WR – 2 TE: 10 Plays (9 Runs & 1 Pass)
2 RB – 3 WR: 1 Pass
1 RB – 2 WR – 2 TE: 7 Plays (4 Runs & 3 Passes)
1 RB – 3 WR – 1 TE: 10 Plays (3 Runs & 7 Passes)
4 Wide: 4 Passes
5 Wide: 5 Passes
Victory: 1 Play

Key Stats
Zach Mettenberger: 23-of-37 for 372 yards with 3 TDs and 0 INTs
Jeremy Hill: 21 rushes for 86 yards and 1 TD
Odell Beckham, Jr.: 6 receptions for 118 yards
Jarvis Landry: 10 receptions for 156 yards and 1 TD
Kadron Boone: 2 receptions for 52 yards and 2 TDs

Packages and Tendencies
*** LSU ran a total of 73 plays that consisted of 36 rushes and 37 passes with four of the rush attempts as sacks. In all, the Tigers attempted to have a pass/run ratio of 41:32. They rushed for 77 yards and passed for 372.

*** Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron ran more than a third of his plays (25-of-73) out of an Offset I-Formation with two receivers and a tight end. 12 of those 25 plays were designed runs and went for 28 yards while the other run was on the fumbled center-quarterback exchange.

Mettenberger completed 8-of-10 for 110 yards out of this set and was sacked twice.

*** LSU went with a 5-wide empty backfield set five times and Mettenberger completed 4-of-5 for 64 yards and a 4-yard touchdown pass to Kadron Boone.

*** The Tigers went with a 4-wide set four times with tight end Travis Dickson flexed out and Mettenberger completed 2-of-4 for 35 yards.

*** LSU lined up in the Traditional I-Formation with one receiver and two tight ends on 10 plays and ran the ball nine times for 41 yards. Mettenberger’s only pass attempt was incomplete to Beckham.

*** The Tigers lined up in their Traditional I-Formation with two receivers and a tight end the least amount it has all year – 8 plays that consisted of four runs that went for 22 yards and Mettenberger was 2-of-4 for 23 yards.

*** When LSU lined up with one running back and went with three receivers and a tight end they ran 19 plays with 18 called passes and one run that went for three yards. Mettenberger was sacked twice and completed 9-of-16 for 192 yards with all 3 TDs with that configuration.

*** LSU went 3-and-out only once in 11 drives and scored on seven of those drives.

*** Mettenberger finished 23-of-37 for a career-high 372 yards with 3 TDs and 0 INTs. He was 11-of-19 for 217 yards and all 3 TDs lined up in the shotgun and went 12-for-18 for 155 yards from under center. He was 6-of-11 off play-action for 92 yards.

11 of Mettenberger’s 23 completions went for 15 yards or more with six of them going for 24 or more.

*** LSU had 30 first down calls in the game and had 18 designed run plays with 12 called passes. 11 of the 18 runs went for four yards or more with five going for two or less and two of those five going for negative yards.

Mettenberger had his most struggles on first down as he was sacked three times on and completed just 4-of-9 for 64 yards.

*** LSU ran 26 plays on second down and faced 2nd and 7 or longer 14 times and nine of those times they needed 10 yards or more for the first down.

Mettenberger completed 12-of-16 passes on second down for 140 yards. The Tigers 10 runs went for 31 yards, taking the 1-yard loss on a fumbled snap into consideration.

*** LSU converted 10-of-15 on third down and Mettenberger was outstanding for the Tigers. He completed 7-of-11 for 168 yards with all seven completions going for a first down or touchdown. When the Tigers needed 10 or more yards he was 2-of-3 for 48 yards.

*** For the game, the Tigers rushed 36 times for 77 yards with Mettenberger’s four sacks taking 26 yards away from the rushing total.

*** LSU running backs ran the ball 30 times – minus the sacks, a fumbled snap and a kneel down at the end of the first half. Those 30 rushes accounted for 110 yards and 3.6 yards a carry.

The Tigers had equal success running behind the left side behind left tackle La’el Collins and left guard Vadal Alexander to the tune of 43 yards and 2 TDs on 12 carries, and went for 43 yards on 11 carries behind right tackle Jerald Hawkins and right guard Trai Turner. They rushed seven times up the middle for 24 yards.

*** Mettenberger’s 37 pass attempts were spread out to:
Landry: 14
Beckham: 11
Hill: 5
Boone: 3
Magee: 2
Dickson: 1
Gordon: 1

*** All five offensive linemen played the entire game in (LT) La’el Collins, (LG) Vadal Alexander, (C) Elliot Porter, (RG) Trai Turner, and (RT) Jerald Hawkins. All logged two knockdowns each except for Collins who finished with four


Key Stats
D.J. Welter: 9 tackles
Lamin Barrow: 8 tackles
Anthony Johnson: 3 tackles, 1 INT
Ego Ferguson: 1 tackle
Kwon Alexander: 4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 PBU
Jermauria Rasco: 6 tackles, 1 TFL

Packages and Tendencies
Base 4-3: 41
Nickel: 18
Dime: 11

***Georgia ran 70 offensive plays for a total of 494 yards. The Bulldogs rushed for 196 yards on 36 carries (5.4 Avg.) and Aaron Murray completed 20-of-34 for 298 yards with 4 TDs and 1 INT.

*** LSU was in its Base 4-3 alignment 59 percent of the game and the Tigers blitzed only twice out of that package.

The Bulldog running backs ran the ball 26 of the 41 times it faced LSU’s 4-3 package and gained 165 yards for 6.3 yards a carry. Murray completed 8-of-12 for 120 yards and 3 TDs.

*** Georgia went with its nickel package on 18 plays and held Georgia to 14 yards rushing on five carries. Murray completed 7-of-13 for 105 yards and 1 TD.

*** LSU was in Dime on 11 snaps and Georgia rushed for 22 yards on three carries with 18 on their game-winning drive when J.J. Green ran on first down. Murray was 5-of-9 for 73 yards with an INT.

*** The Tigers forced two and 3-and-outs and Georgia scored on 8-of-12 drives but that includes its final drive when it killed the clock.

*** The Bulldogs converted only 4-of-11 times on third down and made their only fourth down attempt.

*** John Chavis sent extra pressure 12 times: 2 times out his 4-3; 3 times from nickel and 7 times from his dime package. LSU blitzed five times on first down, and three times each on second and third down.

*** Georgia ran 36 plays on first down and Murray completed 10-of-15 passes for 174 yards and 2 TDs. Georgia running backs rushed for 178 of their 196 yards on first down. Murray also rushed for 11 yards on a QB keeper.

*** Kwon Alexander, Ronald Martin, Ego Ferguson, Jordan Allen and Micah Eugene each missed a tackle.


1st Half
*** Aaron Murray was 5-for-5 on Georgia’s opening touchdown drive and threw to five different Bulldog receivers. On the 5-yard scoring pass to Michael Bennett, LSU free safety Ronald Martin lined up in between DE Jermauria Rasco and DT Quentin Thomas and left man-to-man across the board with strong safety Craig Loston giving up the touchdown.

*** On LSU’s opening drive – a 6-play drive that answered Georgia’s touchdown that ended with a Mettenberger 48-yard TD pass to Kadron Boone – the Tigers went with 3-receivers and a tight end and a running back on three of the six plays. On the TD pass, Travis Dickson lined up next to Mettenberger and stayed in to block to give him time to find Boone.

*** LSU had one of its best defensive series of the day on the Bulldogs second series of the game. The Tigers forced three straight incomplete passes by Murray with the last one being picked off by Anthony Johnson. LSU blitzed on all three of those plays.

*** LSU went with an empty set on its second touchdown where Mettenberger hit Boone from four yards out. Jeremy Hill lined up on the outside right with Odell Beckham in the slot and Dickson lined up on the outside left with Boone then Jarvis Landry in the slot.

*** After having some success with its nickel defense and getting the interception in its dime package, John Chavis went back to his Base 4-3 on Georgia’s third drive that took Murray five plays to get into the endzone when Chris Conley beat Tre’Davious White. The Tigers did not blitz on that drive after having some success on the previous drive.

*** LSU punted for the first time of the day on its third drive. After having a 2nd and 5 at midfield, Terrence Magee got stuffed for a 3-yard loss and Mettenberger’s pass on third down was incomplete to Magee. Kheen’s punt went 44 yards.

*** Chavis went back to his nickel look on Georgia’s fourth drive on 1st and 10 from the 9-yard line when Murray threw deep and just off the fingertips of Justin Scott-Wesley. He went back to his 4-3 on second down and to his Dime package on third down and the Tigers forced a 3-and-out. He also went back to bringing pressure which worked on the drive when Johnson intercepted Murray.

*** Georgia forced LSU to go 3-and-out for the first time on the Tigers’ fourth series. Mettenberger was sacked on third down when Georgia DE Ray Drew beat Vadal Alexander on his outside shoulder. La’el Collins went with Georgia OLB Leonard Floyd, who pulled an inside stunt.

*** Georgia went up 17-14 on a 24-yard field goal on its fifth drive and the Bulldogs did it all on the ground. They went 66 yards – all on the ground – on 10 plays and had runs of 23, 10, 8 and 19 yards for the big gashes.

*** LSU answered Georgia’s field goal with a 49-yarder from Colby Delahoussaye which was the longest of the redshirt freshman’s career. Beckham had two big catches that went for first downs of 14 and 17 yards.

*** LSU had a chance to force Georgia to punt and to get the ball back before halftime when the Bulldogs faced a 3rd and 7 from their own 21-yard line. LSU DE Jermauria Rasco got pinned inside and let Murray slide to the outside where he found his receiver for 10 yards and a first down. The Tigers were in nickel and did not send any extra pressure on the big third down. Murray followed that up with back-to-back 28 and 24-yard completions where the Tigers only rushed four again. After a big pass interference on Corey Thompson in the endzone, Murray scored from 1-yard to put Georgia up 24-17 at the half.

2nd Half
*** Mettenberger missed a TD pass to Beckham on the opening drive of the second half when he had Beckham on a post with no safety help. Beckham beat his man inside but the pass was thrown way too high where Beckham had no chance to even get a hand on it.

On that 12-play drive, the Tigers were determined to run the ball after gaining only 25 yards on 13 carries when the backs toted the ball. LSU lined up in the I-Formation on the first 11 plays and ran the ball eight times for 45 yards with the big play being a 16-yard run on an option on 3rd and 1 when Mettenberger pitched to Hill, who turned the corner.

*** LSU started the second half out in its nickel defense and that is the only time the Tigers had any success at stopping Georgia in the first half. Georgia answered LSU’s field goal with one of its own from 55 yards out on its first drive but the Tigers blew an opportunity when they had Georgia at 3rd and 9 after the first two plays of the half netted a yard. Murray found Connely for a 33-yard completion where he beat White, who started the second half after being benched for some of the first half for giving up a big play. LSU blitzed D.J. Welter but the Tigers’ five rushers never got close to Murray and he delivered a perfectly thrown over the shoulder ball that White never saw coming.

*** LSU got the ball back trailing 27-20 for its second drive of the half and Mettenberger completed 4-of-5 passes for 80 yards with three of the passes going to Landry including the last one for the TD from 39 yards out on 3rd and 9. Landry’s first catch of the drive went for 26 yards when he made a Georgia defender miss and a good downfield block by Dillon Gordon allowed him to pick up another 14 yards.

*** Georgia got the ball back with 3:40 left in the third quarter and the score tied at 27. The Tiger defense came up with a huge 3-and-out to force a punt that would have given the Tigers the ball at their own 20. However, Beckham fumbled the punt, Terrence Magee had a chance to recover but couldn’t, and the Bulldogs recovered. LSU’s defense stood tall on first and second down, but after a false start, LSU had another busted coverage in the secondary and Murray hit Michael Bennett from 21 yards out to make it 34-27 with 1:33 left in the period.

*** The Tigers answered Georgia’s score again and they did it with balance as they ran the ball six times for 24 yards and Mettenberger completed 3-of-5 for 46 yards with the big one to Landry on a 3rd and 10 from the Georgia 31 that went for 25 yards. Kenny Hilliard scored two plays later from two yards out on a toss that he bounced out left. LSU had to convert a 3rd and 1 on the drive and they went with the option again and Mettenberger pitched to Hill to move the chains. The drive was kept alive when Georgia OLB Jordan Jenkins dropped an interception that could have gone the other way for a touchdown. The following play was the big 25-yard strike to Landry that very well could have been a 14-point swing in two plays.

*** Tied at 34, LSU forced Georgia to a 3rd and 4 on its next drive from the Tiger 40 after D.J. Welter and Micah Eugene blitzed and pressured Murray to throw it away. Keith Marshall was held to a 2-yard run on third down on a good tackle by Jalen Mills, but Georgia converted a fourth down when Murray found Justin Scott-Wesley for 10 yards. White got beat inside and Welter was out of position then a roughing the passer on Rasco put the ball at the LSU 14-yard line. Kwon Alexander had a nice play where he helped prevent another touchdown pass on 1st down from the 14-yard line then he stopped Marshall for a 1-yard loss on the next play that helped hold Georgia to a field goal and keep it at 37-34.

*** LSU got the ball with 8:02 left and the drive got off to a bad start as Mettenberger was sacked on the first play for a 7-yard loss when La’el Collins Jordan Jenkins go untouched on an inside move. Collins went to pick up the corner coming off the edge that Hilliard had picked up. Then Mettenberger bobbled the exchange on the second play that Hilliard recovered forcing a 3rd and 22. Mettenberger came through with a big 25-yard strike to Beckham that moved the chains.

Mettenberger then completed his next three passes on the drive of 14, 12 and 27 yards where the Tigers lined up in the I-Formation on seven of the eight plays of the drive that ended with Hill’s 8-yard run on a toss to put LSU up 41-37 with 4:14 left to play.

*** Georgia’s game-winning drive started at its own 25-yard line following a touchback on James Hairston’s kickoff. On Georgia’s 6-play 75-yard drive that lasted 1:47, LSU was lined up in its dime package the first five plays and rushed four with Chavis sending one additional rusher to go with his three down linemen. On Murray’s 25-yard TD pass where there was another coverage bust in the Tiger secondary, LSU was in its Base 4-3 and the Tigers rushed only four. The two previous plays that resulted in a 10-yard pass and 18-yard run, LSU rushed three and dropped eight into coverage.

*** LSU got the ball back with 1:42 left on the clock and trailing 44-41. Just like the previous drive, Mettenberger was sacked on first down – this time by Leonard Floyd on an inside stunt that Trai Turner and Elliot Porter could not pick up. Mettenberger hooked up with Beckham for 18 yards on the next play for 1st and 10 at the Tiger 35. However, his next four passes were incomplete to send the Tigers home with the loss.


Offensive Player of the Week
Zach Mettenberger: 23-of-37 for 372 yards with 3 TDs and 0 INTs

Defensive Player of the Week
Kwon Alexander: 4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 PBU

Special Teams Player of the Week
Colby Delahoussaye: 2-2 Field Goals (49 and 39 Yards)

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