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Insider Thoughts: LSU targets

With a handful of LSU targets in Orlando for the Under Armour All-American Game, Tiger fans have a close eye on names like Leonard Fournette, Tony Brown, Malachi Dupre, Speedy Noil and Jamal Adams this week.

Cox compared Dupre's physical game to NFL star Calvin Johnson

Longtime high school coach Don Cox, a current assistant at McDonogh 35 in New Orleans who will coach the defensive backs during the Under Armour practice week and game, chimed in with his thoughts on some of the burning questions surrounding the aforementioned names - all of which he has worked with in person.

Q: What stands out to you most about Tony Brown?

Cox: "His speed. Tony Brown is a track runner that plays football. He's got great hips and great feet. You can't teach speed. He has ridiculously good feet. Even if he gets beat, Tony can recover. I have never seen a young man, next to Deion Sanders, who can come out of a break as fast as Tony can."

Q: Some people have said Tony excels more in a camp setting than in games. What's your take on his football future?

Cox: "I've heard that. Tony's not a tackler. He's a cover corner. A press corner who is very aggressive. He went to LSU's camp and shut it down. But trying to put Tony as a tackle corner is not going to happen. He's going to hit the knees and grab the ankles. He can play man, or off man, and take away a side of the field for you."

Q: LSU is now seriously in the mix for Jamal Adams. What do you make of Adams as a prospect?

Cox: "He's a little different that Tony. He's not as fast as Tony is, but he's a little more fluid. He can play corner if he needs to. Free-safety wise, I don't know if he has that build yet because he's still growing, but he will come down and bring the wood. What makes him valuable is he covers like a corner. You can put him on the slot or tight end and he would shut it down completely. He covers the field extremely well. He has great range and he sees the ball very good. He reminds me of Ray Ray Armstrong. He doesn't hit as hard and he's not as big, but he sees the field the same way."

Q: Because Speedy Noil didn't line up exclusively at wide receiver at Karr, and Malachi Dupre played in a run-heavy offense, some people feel they might be hindered a bit with their progression at wide receiver at the college level. Your thoughts?

Cox: "It's not going to hurt Speedy. It's going to be an adjustment. He's an athlete. He's a player they played at wildcat, quarterback, tailback and in the slot. He hasn't mastered a position. He's just been good at every one of them. He might be a little behind on understanding how to come out of breaks.

"Malachi isn't quick coming off the line, but he's aggressive. He's like Calvin Johnson in high school. He's going to find a way to put his body between the ball and the defender. He's strong enough to where if he gets the physical release, he will cause a lot of damage."

Note: Quotes were compiled by Sonny Shipp during an interview in Orlando on Saturday morning

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