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Bama biased in SEC office

  • Look who is charged with SEC scheduling.

    Who is Mark Womack and why should we care?
    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. ? Mark Womack is the Executive Associate Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference and has been at the SEC since 1978. In addition to his role as the conference's chief financial officer, one of his responsibilities in the league office is serving as the liaison to the conference athletics directors and working with scheduling for the sport of football.

    Mark Womack, Executive Associate Commissioner, Southeastern Conference
    MAY 12, 2010

    Mark Womack joined the Southeastern Conference staff in 1978 upon graduation from the University of Alabama and has served the conference in numerous capacities ranging from Assistant Public Relations Director to Acting Commissioner.
    While at Alabama, Womack worked in the athletic department's sports information office for two years before receiving his degree in Communications with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Promotional Management. Womack grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and attended Tuscaloosa High school where he was a three-year starter at quarterback, leading his team to the semifinals of the state championship his senior year.

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  • I must be missing something, because I don't see the unfairness in our schedules that someone like those people in the original post have control over.

    Fact: Our permanent eastern conference opponent is Florida. This is a usually a difficult game for both sides, but is always a premier matchup and nationally televised.

    Fact: Because other traditionally strong SEC schools, not just Bama, like having their cross-divisional rivalry, this will probably not change, unless the SEC expands to 16 teams.

    Fact: It seems like for the past 3 seasons at least, LSU has had a bye week before the Alabama game. How is this unfair to us?

    Fact: For the 2013 season, LSU has a bye week before the Alabama game, as well as right after the Alabama game. Our scheduled opponent for that next week is Texas A&M. How is this unfair to LSU?

    Fact: This all could be subject to change because of weather, but I hope some of you can realize that Alabama has no control over the weather. At least I don't think they do.

    I like to hear other people's responses when they are thought out, logical, and reasonable. That's why I come here instead of the other places that we all know about. Conspiracies are entertaining but don't do much as far as intelligent discussion.

  • The most common criticism at the moment is that Bama was supposed to play Georgia in 2012 and 2013. When A&M and Mizzou joined the conference, the SEC went with a "bridge" schedule in 2012 to accomodate them. Miraculously, Georgia dropped off of Bama's schedule while LSU kept South Carolina on its schedule. The story at the time was that 2012 was a 1 year "bridge" schedule, with the new SEC "permanent" schedule going into place in 2013. Since the leage hasn't been able to reach agreement on an 8 vs 9 game SEC schedule, they've now made 2013 a "bridge" schedule as well. Not surprisingly, Georgia is AGAIN not on Bama's schedule, but they are on LSU's schedule.

    In the two "bridge" schedules, in which the SEC office had great flexibility to create the schedules, Bama's non-permanent SEC East opponents are Missouri and Kentucky. LSU's are South Carolina and Georgia.

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  • When you look at this years schedule, because they played each other, Florida and LSU played 4 of the top 6 teams while the other 4 played 3. When you narrow it down, the real "break" Alabama has got the last few years is Tennessee has sucked butt.
    Tennessee is Alabama's permanent East opponent and when the Vols were better than competitive, that was a "tough" permanent opponent, at one point as tough as Florida.

    Look, no one is the conference is going to say it aloud, but there is one team in the SEC who is never going to be good, Kentucky. Ole Miss, Miss. State and Vanderbilt, Missouri are not going to win the SEC championship anytime soon (MSU being the only one who has), so what should the SEC do, say any West team that has to play Florida also gets to play Kentucky every year? Certainly it would be "fair", but as I said no one is going to say that out loud. You could argue that anyone in the East who plays Alabama or LSU also gets to play Ole Miss or Miss. State, and anyone in the West who plays Florida or Georgia also gets to play Vanderbilt/Missouri or Kentucky?! I do believe that no West team should have to play Florida AND Georgia as no East team should have to play LSU AND Alabama. Scheduling otherwise strongly suggests bias outside the possibility of "chance".

  • Thanks TNE!!!

    That response was well thought out, logical, and reasonable.I don't ANY conspiracies in your response; But, I DID see a LOT of intelligent discussion. Great, great job!!!

    "It's my hometown, and that's big for me," Henry said. "It's about playing for the home team in front of family

  • 1. on a board a few weeks ago, there was a long thread from a Florida fan saying they hated playing LSU every year. and dozens of people agreed. I sure as hell did. it sucks, all it does is hurt both of us. bama and uga both played 2 top 15 teams, both went 1-1. LSU played 4 top 10 teams, went 2-2. all 3 of us won half of those games, but they were glorified for it, we were sent to the chik-fil-a bowl.

    im pretty sure bama is the only one who likes the permanent rival, and that's only because Tenn is terrible and not looking to get better any time soon.

    2. for two of those years, they had a bye too. same way next year. its not an advantage either way.

    3. I may be wrong, but I think that game just hasn't been scheduled yet, I don't think its a second bye.

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  • I'd like to see the NCAA step in and make one change that would put the college football world on its head: not allow conference championship games, regardless the size of the conference.

    If conference championship games were not on the table, the SEC would've never added Arkansas and South Carolina to get to 12 teams. They were only added because the NCAA rule regarding conference championship games requires the conference to have at least 12 teams. Had that not happened, I don't think ANY of today's conference realignment would be happening.

    As for the SEC, the only reason we have the unbalanced schedule is because of the SECCG, which necessitates 12 teams.

    IMHO, there should be two absolutes in the formation of conferences: 1) Every school should play every other school in their conference in every sport, every year, and, 2) To accomodate the first absolute, conferences should all have between 8 and 10 members.

    If not for the conference championship game, the Big 8 and the SWC would've never merged. OU and Nebraska would still play every year. Miami, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, BC and Rutgers would all still be in the Big East. South Carolina would still be in the ACC. Arkansas would still be in the SWC.

  • No, it's a second bye. It's the product of Thanksgiving being late in 2013 and LSU opening it's season August 31st against TCU in Dallas. Having the first game on August 31st and the last game on November 30th leaves a total of 14 weeks to LSU's regular season.

  • +1

    I was not aware of all of this. I am admittedly ignorant when it comes to other SEC team schedules. I thought the complaints were about LSU's side of things. This does sound fishy, but I would think that trying to come up with a conference schedule for all 14 teams with respect to the 4 non-conference games already scheduled would be too difficult to rig, especially for Bama fans who are probably just inputting info into a computer program.

  • well, here's our schedule

    TCU (in Dallas)
    Kent State
    at Georgia
    at Mississippi State
    at Ole Miss
    at bama
    Texas A&M

    heres bamas

    Virginia Tech (in Atlanta)
    at Texas A&M
    Ole Miss
    Georgia State
    at Kentucky
    Mississippi State
    at Auburn

    heres A&Ms

    Sam Houston State
    at Arkansas
    at Ole Miss
    Mississippi State
    New Mexico
    at LSU
    at Missouri

    if youre point shaving in basketball, youre not just gonna steal the ball from your teammate and kick it into the stands. it takes a little subtlety. same way with stacking the deck for bama. they cant just hand them the SEC trophy, but they can make life easy for them and hard for us.

    1. the obvious: we go east and play Florida and at UGA (both in the current top 7), they go east and play Tenn and UK (a combined 1-15 in the SEC this year). As TigerNE said, bama was supposed to play UGA this year and next, but that just sorta disappeared.

    2. for the third year in a row, we play twice as many high end SEC teams as bama. we get bama, Texas AM, UGA, Florida, they get us and Texas AM. so we're twice as likely to lose, as was the case this year.

    3. like Arkansas under Petrino, Texas AM has a complex passing game that gets better as the year goes on. When Ark was good, they were always the third or fourth game on bamas schedule. now they suck, and, magically, Texas AM has moved into that early big game slot (from the 10th game this year to the second game next year).

    4. this year, bama played LSU and A&M back to back. they barely beat LSU, lost to A&M (perhaps because they were beat up and tired from LSU). next year those two games, the only two tough games they play, are 6 weeks apart.

    this year we played A&M and bama back to back (after playing South Carolina and Florida, meaning 4 top 10 teams in a row), but unlike bama, our schedule only changed a little. we play bama, then a bye, then A&M. this works in our favor but also in bamas favor. even if we play well we could already have 2 losses at this point and be out of it, but us beating A&M could make life easier for bama.

    5. after playing Texas AM, bama starts a 7 week stretch where they play Ole Miss and Georgia State at home, then at Kentucky, then Arkansas and Tenn at home, then a bye, then us. Ole Miss will be a challenge. Other than that, its 1 road game in seven weeks, 1 FCS school, 4 of the worst teams in the SEC, and a bye leading up to us. should be nice and rested.

    we on the other hand play at UGA, at Miss State, Florida, at Ole Miss, then Furman and a bye. those last two are nothing of course but we could easily have two losses by then. we have three road games in a month, playing 2 good teams and two really good teams.

    people seem to forget or ignore that playing good teams is harder than playing easy teams. it beats you up, it wears you down, and if you lose one its depressing. bama learned that playing LSU and A&M back to back, and that sh*t got changed in a hurry.

    i gotta go, might add more to this later, but the saying "football is a game of inches" is 100 percent true, and these are just a few of the little things that add up to stack the deck for bama, and its been happening for years now. the last time bama played a schedule like ours was 2009. they went 9-3. since then the SEC has coddled them, and suddenly they're a "dynasty".

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  • Master Shake that was such a great post I stole it and put in on tBB. I hope you don't mind.

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  • im just glad anyone actually read it. holy sh*t do I ramble sometimes.

  • 1. The schedule will not stay like this. Once it gets figured out and a logical rotation is set up, it will be plain dumb luck who plays the good teams or the bad teams from the east.

    2. Mathematically, I don't think that's what that means. It just means that we have to beat Georgia and Florida.

    3/4. The SEC schedule was released in October, before Bama played A&M. Now, Alabama fans may have thought that A&M was good, but I don't think any of them were scared they were going to lose that game. They didn't know that they would be playing their two toughest games back to back.

    5. The fact that they have all those home games next year just means that this year, and the year after next, they played or will play some of those teams on the road. Its just how the rotation works. Also, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee will all have new coaches who will be looking for that signature win to rebuild their program. I don't care who you play in the SEC, you're going to play hard and the chances to get beat up or get tired will always be there.

    With the exception of Georgia, this is similar to the schedule we went through undefeated last year. Again, its the rotation. Also, Georgia will have a lot of their defense gone next year. Murray and the running backs will be back, but the defense will not be as good. Not to mention, they had a soft schedule this year. Can the SEC really have two darlings? or is it just luck of the draw?

    We could probably do this all day. It's apparent you pay attention to details and scheduling. I try to look at it from an outsider's perspective, and when LSU fans complain about scheduling, it just sounds like a bunch of whining and excuse making. It's petty, and sounds like we're insecure. What would you say if you heard Wisconsin fans bitching about having to play Michigan, Michigan State, and Nebraska when Ohio State only had to play Michigan? Wouldn't you tell them to get over it and just beat OSU when they play them?

    We have a great program regardless of the other teams in our conference. Actually, we have a great program because of the other teams in our conference. All we have to do is just beat the teams on our schedule. Bottom line.

  • Good analysis Shake.

    "I strive to never let the perfect be the enemy of the good. They are companions, not rivals, for our affections." -Lance Paddock

  • Shake, that was a very compelling analysis.

    Regards to All, JimH

  • clearly we dont agree so I wont go point by point, but in regards to this; no, I wouldn't, for the same reason I dont think Northern Illinois should be in the BCS. its not enough to run the table like Boise State or Hawaii used to. Im not insane, I understand that every schedule wont be equal every year, but this keeps happening again and again with bama and the SEC, and there's countless other examples of this corruption.

    f**k that. we're LSU. in the words of Marquisse Hill, "people gonna start respectin LSU or they gonna get punched in the mouth."

  • The insult and quite frankly the smoking gun was when Birmingham gave Bama a Kentucky team that went winless in the conference this year to complement their "rival" Tennessee, that managed all of one win (of course it was against winless Kentucky) in the SEC this year. Therefore Bama's SECE opponents next season have a combined conference record of 1-15 this season.

    Next year is a bridge schedule again and LSU's SECE opponents have a combined conference record of 14-2 (excl UGA loss to the favorite son). If Birmingham had any integrity, or any concern over their perceived lack of integrity, it would have been an easy choice to send LSU to Lexington and Bama to Athens.

    Look forward to any rational explanation on how this could possibly happen? When I asked Alleva he said the SEC did not have a plan on how to handle A&M and Mizzou and they still do not have a plan. However, if it helps Bama get to the SECC, then the plan of not having a plan is working and LSU is getting punk'd.

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  • its a football schedule, not cold fusion, yet its been almost a year and theyre not even close to figuring it out. great conference we have here.

  • I have never said it was a conspiracy but if Saban could just sit down with Slive and dictate a schedule that would get him back to the national championship game next year with the least risk, Bama's 2013 schedule would be that schedule...with the possible exception of having to go to College Station for the A&M game. Oh, and Bama's two bye weeks next year? Before the A&M and LSU games.

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  • Before you continue on about LSU fans' bias, even ESPN has picked up on this one. It's too blatant.

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