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College Football Playoff

  • For those college football nutjobs like me who can’t stand the offseason, this might be for you. With all the talk of a college football playoff in the news lately I decided to get creative with the only simulation tools I have: a PS3 and NCAA 12. Using the final BCS regular season standings for seeding; I have created a 24 team playoff (24 teams because the BCS standings doesn’t extend to 32) that I will simulate to see who virtually would have been the national champion. First off, I am in not in favor at all of a 24 team playoff. This is not conducive in reality. My playoff starts on December 17 (two weeks after the conference title games) and extends until January 14th. The Top 8 seeds all have first round byes and the higher seeded team will host until the semi-finals. The semi-finals will be played at the Orange and Sugar Bowls. The championship will be played at the Rose Bowl. I have gone to great extents to make this simulation as legitimate as possible including roster changes due to injury or suspension and even accurate weather conditions at the site where the games would have been played. Check it out here: , it’s a good source of entertainment in the off-season! LSU is the #1 seed and has a first round bye. The tigers will take on the winner of the #9 South Carolina/#24 Texas game in the second round.