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Figured this would be the appropriate time to say this

  • As far as all of the juniors leaving, I was told by a guy who declared early that this would happen back in the summer before fall practice. Granted, I am sure he thought the season would go a little differently, but nonetheless, when we talked about it, all I could think was there was going to be a mass exodus, and if we were going to win a natty, this year was our best bet in the next few years(post 1/9).

    As for a lot of the talk about Miles and people not wanting to play for him as the reason leaving...He was telling me players come to LSU not to play for LSU or represent Louisiana or anything like that, but to go somewhere where this is a proven path at the position the guy is playing that will get him to the NFL. Plain and simple.

    As for LSU and the offense, year after year it's said it's going to be different. It never is. Same ole 8 yr old playing X-Box decision making. Mett throws for 300 against Bama and we run it 3 times on our final 3 offensive is history. Against Clemson it's 2nd and 2 and it's an audible-option. Run it twice with the backs we have. Anyhow.

    I have witnessed my last game as a student and will have to buy tickets now. I'm moving out of LA, but I was thinking of going ahead and buying tickets for say TCU or A&M home months ago. That will not be happening. With the means to enjoy activities such as this, LSU football will not receive my money for the product they put out. That money will go to a music festival now, or some other sporting event, etc.

    To wrap it up, though. It's just a game. It's a football game played by guys who are 18-22 yrs old. For many, many years I've kept up with recruiting, know who we're targeting, etc. I know my LSU football. But there are so many things that are more important than LSU football or any sport. My happiness will not be tied to it in any way from now on. God, prayer, family, friends, happiness, improving as a person, helping others, etc. All way more important. Miles and Stud may not be doing too great of a job with their top priority(winning BCS titles) while Bama has won 3 of 4, but they aren't evicting you from your home, hurting you in any way. Embrace what you are and the present moment. Live life and love.

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  • Gold Stripes,

    Finish that first sentence of the second paragraph. Surely, many of these boys come to play for Miles. You switched topic from Miles to the players and the NFL.

    Do the players want to play for him or not.

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  • I meant it's not that they're just coming for him, although he does have a big part in it. They see a position coach such as Brick, and being a DT or DE, they look at guys previously at the school who have gone to the league. You might grow up in LA all your life, but if Alabama is producing linebackers in the league left and right then you're going to make a decision for you and your family's future. I don't know many guys on the team at all so I can't say one way or another as a whole, but it was clear that, if you were, say a CB and Ron Cooper was the coach, you might be inclined to come post Peterson/Claiborne, etc.

    I don't discredit that former players on O are not his biggest fans. One starter in the last few seasons threw away every LSU item he owned. We've seen Randle talk about it on twitter. Shepard has obviously alluded to it. But I don't think these guys leaving are a product of some anti-Miles sentiment.

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  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and best of luck to you in your future endeavors. I believe you have your priorities in order!

  • Bad Offense or not it the kid has the tools he will get a shot to complete his dream of going to the NFL. Usually it takes years to learn to look within whenever things dont go as planned. Some of these young players arent mature enough.. Who is at that age?