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I believe in grace, but things have to change

  • We have had issue after issue the last two years off the field. If it certain players that are causing issues (ring leaders) then get rid of them. Coach Miles and his staff need to clean up these issues. All this is very telling to me as their level of dedication to win a championship. If their focus was being champs they would not be smoking pot. Get your butt in the class room, weight room, and film room. You have a chance to do something enough is enough.

  • It seems like Miles is letting these guys leave. Heck, it seems like he is forcing a few of these juniors out.

    The ones I want to see return are Minter, Montgomery, Logan and Reid. Minter and Logan are probably the only real possibilities.

  • Agree with you 100%. But unfortunately there is little the average fan can do to let this opinion be heard (I doubt they read each and every email complaint sent to the Athletic Dept) since ticket sales and revenues are at an all-time high. Season ticket renewals are over 99% and they're selling space in the new stadium club being built at outrageous prices. I guess they figure things will work themselves out with respect to the troublemakers, and instead focus on staying in the black. Problem is, Miles should be the one focusing on these behavior type problems and it appears as though he isn't. You have to wonder if the reason kids like him so much is because they can get away with so much on his team.

  • At least your statement ("it appears as though he isn't") allows for the possibility that he is. I assert that the fact that you hear about players getting in trouble, facing discipline, and being suspended or dismissed from the team is generally a good sign. There are plenty of schools (I'll say most) who would have "worked around" issues for star players like Mathieu or Wing. I count Miles as a disciplinarian. Same for Johnny Jones. Good for them both.

  • Maybe, but if he were a disciplinarian, shouldn't these types of problems be decreasing in frequency as he's finishing up his 8th year at LSU, as opposed to the opposite? Think about all the problems and suspensions just in the last 2 seasons. Maybe like you suggest, other teams are more inclined to hide problems as much as they can and keep their stars on the field. You just can't help but get the "inmates running the asylum" feeling here sometimes.

  • Miles is considered a players coach by most of us, but I have heard over and over that he isn't as easy going as many think. It is many times his way or the highway. I was told that is the main reason for the fiasco known as 1/9/12.

    Many times strict disciplinarians have understudies that rebel. Most of these kids started SMOKIN weed in high school. It is rampant in high school. Hech, it is easier for most kids to get weed than alcohol.

  • No necessarily. In fact, a disciplinarian's program may end up with more suspensions and dismissals because he actually enforces his rules. He defines the punishment and follows through with it. He cannot be with each player 24/7 to make sure they aren't making stupid choices. They know the consequences and make choices. Miles would not be doing his job if he didn't follow through with his threatened punishments. However, he does follow through by suspending and dismissing players that break the rules. What more would you have him do?

    And how do the "inmates run the asylum"? He is suspending them and/or kicking them off of the team. Do you think this is what the players want? I think not.

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    "You can learn more character on the two-yard line than anywhere else in life." - Former LSU Coach and AD Paul Dietzel

  • There were articles that started showing up about the Gators after Urban Meyer left due to "health issues". There were stories of how Meyer's "circle of trust" began doing whatever they wanted. One told of how Percy Harvin hit Billy Gonzalez which may have caused the rift between him and Meyer.

    "That was Death Valley. It's where opponent's dreams come to die." - Miles

  • The reason you see so many suspensions and related issues at LSU is because Les is a disciplinarian. Same with UGA. Other schools that don't have these issues publically are because they overlook the issues for the most part. This kind of stuff happens consistently at most(if not all) the programs across the country but it's not all made public or handled by the coaching staffs.

    A few examples of how some schools choose to handle these situations without suspensions

    Alabama-Overall I think Saban does a good job with discipline but are we seriously supposed to believe that all the kids that fail drug tests after leaving were clean while there? Let's not be naive

    TCU-do any of us really believe that all of those kids(in the 30s if not more) that were associated with the smoking and selling pot sting there were 1st time offenders and had never been known to use or be around drugs before the police happened to investigate and catch them? I've been around a few drug stings and investigations involving the police and let me tell you, it's never a suprise to those around the subjects involved. In fact it's usually rampantly known that the activity is going on. No way Patterson and staff had no idea what was going on with almost their entire football team. Not buying that for a second

    Florida-all the arrests and all the drug test failures when Meyer was there and most were considered a suprise or "shocking" that this kid would do such a thing. Bs and we all know it. It's been widely chronicled how that program was run under Meyer but since he was winning big, most didn't care and didn't muddy the waters until Urban pissed them off or hurt their feelings. The guys that did write articles and put out commentary about it were shunned and brushed off because of the success that was going on there.

    As for LSU, no way Les boots Mathieu if he weren't some kind of disciplinarian. I know that some of it may have been forced upon him in a sense but in the end it was his decision no matter what was said publically. I personally believe that the current team just has a group of players that are just not above board "character wise" in most people's eyes. Basically I don't think it's a cultural problem at LSU but instead a group of players that make it appear to be a cultural problem. Once that group is gone, while there will still be some cases of trouble, the perceived rampant issues at LSU will subside and be looked at as normal compared to other schools.

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    "That was Death Valley. It's where opponent's dreams come to die." - Miles

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