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  • Negative emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, dread and a general sense of maialse is normal and as a matter of fact is essential to our survival. Fight or Flight was needed when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth and we needed to make snap decisions that meant life or death. But unchecked, those emotions can turn into aggression, feelings of abandonment, perfectionism and many other problems. We certainly have enough people with negative emotions on this board who demand that we all go down with them.

    Owban, my Brother from another Mother. You know how to kill these self-fulfilling prophesies! You avoid negative people, you decrease your stress levels and you don't WORRY! I say bravo to you! I am with you. Just remember oh Master Owban, our Jedi Master and great teacher of all that is good, pure and Tiger in this Universe that we, your arduous students, are poised to attack the "Death Star" aka Bama with zeal and determination and by God, we will do it with hand-to-hand combat if that is called for! We shall not fall under the evil mind games of Darth Vader,the midget, for he is merely a shell of a man underneath his armor.

    To all I say join us in this fight agains evil and tyranny and bring the Crystal Trophy back to its rightful place in the Palace of College Football called the LSU Football Ops Building!

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