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Is it Irony or Poetic Justice....

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    "That was Death Valley. It's where opponent's dreams come to die." - Miles

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  • There is all kind of problems in Austin right now and you have to wonder after going 5-7, 8-5, and looking like 8-4 not including the bowl game, how much more will the UT Administration take.

    Right now, they look like the third best team in the state, and one can make a case that it's been that way for the last three years.

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  • TAM's success is probably adding a little fuel to the fire going on in Austin. The aggies have definately steped out of the longhorns shadow. Agree with Sonny....Mack's star is dimming! Saban to the rescue?

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    Regards to All, JimH

  • I would like to clarify why I started this thread.

    When T. Davis pulled his signing day stunt I was extremely upset. Like many of you, I would love for the state's best talent to play for LSU. However, we all understand that these young men are going to go (and should go) where they truly want to play college football. As we have heard parents say many times in recruiting articles it is the prospect that has to attend the university and therefore he must be happy with his choice.

    Having said that, the T. Davis situation really irked me specifically due to the way he handled the entire thing. There is nothing wrong with the young man changing his mind and deciding to go to Texas. He could have pulled his signing day stunt and saved face at the same time by admitting that he should have told the coaches earlier but he was scared of the pressure from the locals - in other words, he didn't want to deal with the fallout. Unfortunately, he chose not to do that. The real kicker in all of this was the parting shot that he took at LSU after he decided to switch his pledge to Texas. That's the part that really ****** me off. I cannot fathom anything that LSU could have done to upset him to the point that he needed to throw a stone at LSU in the form of his accusation regarding LSU's locker room.

    Here is the thing about his accusation - it's weak. Anyone who has played football knows that there are locker room issues from time to time. That is simply a part of the dynamic of a football locker room. Secondly and if I remember correctly, part of the accusation may have been a specific acknowledgment about players from north Louisiana not being close with or friends with prospects from south Louisiana. I don't believe T. Davis said this but that this was suggested by LSU fans with supposed connections to the program. At any rate, I don't see how that alleged reality about LSU's locker room is even considered by a prospect when universities all over the country have players from all parts of the country. Additionally, I don't understand how that particular issue (if it is even true) is an issue as compared to Texas which is significantly larger than Louisiana and probably has players from all parts of that giant state. Again, I just don't see the relevancy in this locker room concern of his.

    Also, while many of you may claim he is a kid, I don't accept that excuse. It was obvious that there was intention or even premeditation to deceive the LSU coaching staff. At seventeen and eighteen years old I could sense if and or when I was about to do something wrong. I don't believe there is anyone out there that can convince me that T. Davis didn't suspect that what he was going to do was not the right way to handle the situation. When I was seventeen and eighteen years old I didn't get the "he's a kid" excuse. The reality from my parents was, "You're an adult - you better start acting like one. You better start being one." Yeah, I know, T. Davis had this DeCarlos Holmes guy in his ear. However, T. Davis had to realize that what Holmes and perhaps a Texas recruiter were asking him to do was not right. As disappointed as I was that Landon Collins didn't commit to LSU, I respect the guy for making his pick a month before signing day and dealing with the heat that came with that. In the end, Landon Collins' decision in early January allowed LSU to move on and convince another talented safety (Corey Thompson) to attend LSU.

    I just don't understand T. Davis' incentive to handle the situation as he did and to say the things he did. Was it really that difficult for him to make his decision and move on? If it was suggested to him by mentors, then at what point does T. Davis look at those individuals and think, "These are some of the people that are trying to mold me into a quality young man and yet they are asking me to do this?"

    I'll finish with this: I wasn't privy to his recruitment and I don't know with any level of certainty what did or didn't happen. With that, on the surface it didn't appear to be handled correctly. I have a hard time believing T. Davis made his decision to leave LSU hanging on NSD all by himself. So in closing, hopefully T. Davis has learned from his experience.

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  • My thought...piss on him...he doesn't play here!

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    "It's my hometown, and that's big for me," Henry said. "It's about playing for the home team in front of family