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LSU 73, South Carolina 82 Recap

  • Really tough loss last night. Could mean a long SEC season for LSU. Ugh. Still some hope though. Far too many turnovers but the offense came alive. Just not our night with all the foul trouble.

    Linked are the game article and photo's from the game.

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  • SoS,
    I watched last night's game and i know O'Bryant has some talent that he can't show as he tries to play out of this high ankle sprain, but the guy simply doesn't have a very good grasp of what he is doing out there. He jacks up forced shots too often, doesn't position himself well enough around to goal to gain offensive rebounds once a shot is up and also doesn't move his feet to be in better position on the defensive end of floor, resulting in numerous silly hand-check and grabbing/hacking fouls. He is feeling the effect of lack of good wheels right now, but his floor IQ is a true detriment in his development. Whoever is feeding him information that he can play in the NBA anytime within the next two years is feeding him a line of bull. He has lots of improvement and work to do.

    As for the rest of the team. Due to a lack of inside talent and presence, LSU is a guard oriented team and will go as far as the backcourt can take them The backcourt is in a collective funk right now. They can't shoot consistently. They haven't shot well since Xmas break and basically look horrible out there.

    Last night the guards were very sloppy with the ball and numerous turnovers are killing the teams chances to take leads in a game as a result of the fact the backcourt hasn't learned how to play or shoot over and around the weak points against a zone defense (2-3 or 3-2 or any other combo therein).
    The zone defenses the teams are employing against LSU stops LSU's transition game, and reduces the pace to a crawl. LSU guards are unable to work the ball to the inside because there is no true inside scorer and then they pass the ball until they either turn it over, run out of time on shot clock and force a crappy shot, or shoot from to far out which reduces % of accuracy incrementally.

    It is going to be a long season for LSU, because other coaches have learned to reduce the chances for transition game due to lack of LSU's low post presence and rebounding and to employ zone defenses. LSU will have to win this year shooting almost 40% from 3pt line as a team and by guards stealing the ball to gain transition opportunities.

    Next year, hopefully the post players will improve this ball club. This year, the reality is otherwise.

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  • Funny how that happens every year, once the team enters the SEC schedule against more athletic perimeter defenders. Offensive basketball in the SEC is usually pretty bad, but defense on the perimeter is usually where the league excels, which is why LSU's best teams, under both Brady and Johnson, had length on the perimeter.


  • I can't wait to have a lineup in all between 6'5" and 6'11"... Will be athletic and long. Really excited about next years squad, but if LSU can limit turnovers they can still win games this year.

    I think the did a much better job at scoring on the zone with penetration and the shots fell for the most part. The low post help comes next year so hopefully with JOB not needing to be the guy down low he will stop forcing up so many bad shots.

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  • It will be good to see a physically imposing LSU team for the first time in years. The big question will be what kind of offensive game those kids bring with them. From a length and athleticism standpoint, they should be able to really defend.

  • A couple things I've noticed this year...

    - JOB III needs to get it figured out, and quick. I understand he's playing under an injury, but he still has the same fouling problem. I mean when was the last time he DIDN'T pickup an offensive foul in a game? If he cant get that fixed, with the new guys coming in, he could see himself coming off the bench next year. He cant keep getting 2 fouls 5-6 minutes into a game and then 4 fouls with most of the 2nd half left.

    - Hickey is clearly the best player on this team, but this was the first game he had to go out for extended minutes where the opposing team didn't make a run on us I've seen, which is a very good thing at least.

    - Collins, eh, Corban Collins, I'm not trying to knock a true freshman that hard, but I'm starting to wonder why he was added so late. Maybe JJ just needed anyone to get some minutes in the backcourt, but i think it might be time for him to join ludwig on the bench all game. I think Hammink should be playing instead of Collins, which I'm surprised he has all but disappeared these last 2 games. A long defender is much more valuable than a guy like Collins who is just a mediocre ball handler and inefficient player all together. Hammink reminds me of a slightly bigger Garrett Temple who hasn't developed an offensive game yet (and GT's offensive game was still pretty bad).

    - Shavon Coleman, I was a little worried about having a 6'5 4-man going into SEC play, and despite his effort always being great, it's clear he's not going to do much against SEC competition. He has just 21 points in 3 games on 9 of 27 shooting where he was averaging about 14 per game before that at a much better shooting clip. I really wish he could turn into more of a 3 than 4, but I guess someone has to play down low and we dont really want it to be Ludwig, or even Courtney.

    Other than those, all I'll say is we've really missed Stringer's 3 point game the last 2 games (he was 0-7 from 3), which I hope this isn't once again a repeat of what we've seen in the past from him where he tears up OOC teams then disappears against SEC teams from the 3pt line.

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