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LSU's defense

  • The last few games everyone keeps saying the LSU defense is tired, thus the NO pressure and the lack of press coverage, played a very soft defense(which I can't stand) opposing teams move the ball right down the field

    Can anyone tell me why the defense is so tired?

    I watch several games a week, no one else's defense looks as tired, D-line puts pressure, corners cover tight and aggressive off line of scrimmage, safeties make good reads an angles for tackles on completions.

    Why are we so worn out? Especially the D-Line.

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  • I have some issues with the performance of the defense, but I think when you boil it down, it is a matter of the offense failing to convert TD opportunities and instead either turning the ball over or settling for a FG. It seems if you give the LSU offense the ball 2x in the red zone, the odds are heavy we at best are going to end up with 6 points (2 FG's) rather than 14 points. I suppose Chavis has to be of the mindset his defense can't give up TD's because it is such a struggle for LSU's offense to score them.

  • I think this team has slept walked since the Bama game...or at least I hope so. Florida did the same with a couple of listless performances before they took care of FSU.

    I hope they get some motivation for the bowl game but when I tweets by Simon that says he doesn't want to play in the Cotton Bowl, it doesn't give me good feelings. Kinda like when Sam said they didn't want Bama again after the win in T-Town last year and it showed in January.

    I'll probably commit suicide if we lose to Texas in the Cotton Bowl.

  • I think it's all about Chavis' plan for defending the high-volume passing attacks. We saw it last year against WVU, then again the last 3 weeks against MSU-Ole Miss-Arkansas. Chavis seems to prefer to prevent the big plays by keeping the safeties deep and the QB in the pocket. The idea is to force the other team to throw it a LOT to move the ball, with an expectation of intercepting several passes.

    In 2011, we were better with that strategy because our safety play was a little better and we had a HUGE wildcard on the field in Mathieu, who gave Chavis a very good blitz option. In 2012, we've struggled a little because neither of our safeties is quite as good in coverage as Taylor was and, while Jalen Mills is clearly our best cover CB, neither he or Eugene is the instinctive blitzer than Mathieu was.

    I think people forget just how young we were in the secondary this year. Yeah, Reid and Simon had played a lot of football, but Simon was never more than the #3 CB before this year and Reid was allowed to play deep center field his first two years. This year, we asked Simon to be the #1 CB - a task he wasn't really up to, and Reid to play more in the box like Taylor did - which he also struggled with. Other than those two, we added Loston to the mix, who was pretty good, IMHO, and three guys who had played either zero or very little football before in Mills, Collins and Eugene.

    No matter who goes pro this year, we will see a more experienced secondary in 2013. The safeties will be some combination of Reid, Loston, Martin and Eugene, unless either Thompson or Sandolph beats them out. The top 3 CB's should include at least two of Simon, Mills and Collins, unless Dwayne Thomas or a true freshman bumps one of them.

  • I see the same thing here - the air kinda went out of the football after a great performance against Bama that went for naught.

    It wasn't that they didn't care - it's just that adrenaline masks those aches and bruises when you win.

    Not picking on Simon for a hearsay remark but he needs to think about being a leader and putting his interests aside. Who are the leaders for this team?

    To be honest, the bones that remain don't look that exciting for a #7 team that could beat the #1 and #2, if healthy.

    A match against Texas in the Cotton Bowl is one of the few mentioned that excites me.

  • Just another note...Our DBs have not looked great but our inability to get to the QB, particularly against a terrible Arky OL, hasn't done them any favors. Wilson has been getting his ass kicked all year and LSU's "best defensive line in the country" couldn't get near him more than a handful of times all day.

  • Very true. I really feared for Wilson's health and safety going into this game and wondered aloud why Smith was putting this kid at risk after he suffered a Type 2 concussion earlier this year.

    I expected LSU, given what was at stake, to put the game out of reach by halftime. That didn't happen.

    And we hardly touched Wilson. Football is a crazy game but I have learned that emotion and momentum are things you can't practice. This last game meant more to the Hogs. The missing piece for LSU when things get bad seems to be team leadership. I'm sure Miles knew this wasn't going to be a cakewalk when he went to Fayetteville.

    We have really missed a player like Mathieu over the last half of this season.

    I'm not unappreciative or ungrateful - just a little numb.

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  • keep in mind they just played these 5 games back to back:

    Florida (current number 4)
    Scar (10)
    Texas A&M (9)
    bama (2)
    Miss State (25 last week but dropped out)

    I wonder if anyone else has ever played 4 top 10 teams in a row. I'm assuming it's not easy. The team is beat up and tired and probably a little defeated considering how close they were to a NC.

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  • I don't follow twitter, but your post led me to go look at Simon's account. I'm going to adopt the "posiTiger" reading that he was still hoping for the Sugar and was expressing disappointment that we might fall to the Cotton if Florida won their game. Of course, as it works out that might be a better outcome than we eventually get.

    Like you, a loss to Texas would be particularly painful for me. But so would a loss to Clemson if we draw them in the CFA nee Peach Bowl.

    I love any team that lines up, tees it up, faces off, toes the line, or otherwise competes for the LSU purple and gold. Bless them all.

  • Yep... got through it with one tough loss. Nobody else played a stretch like that. Bama didn't get through two in a row. Florida dumped one to Ga. We get screwed next season too. :-(

    "It's short of larceny. It's surely not bigamy, but there is some lack of integrity that somebody can go in and bang on," Les Miles

  • im getting pretty tired of the SEC f**king us over so they can coddle and protect bama. they played LSU and A&M back to back this year, and damn near lost both. so next year, heres their schedule:

    Virginia Tech (in atlanta)
    at Texas A&M
    Ole Miss
    Georgia State
    at Kentucky

    six weeks between the only two good teams they play, a stretch with one road game, an FCS school, 4 schools that were a combined 6-26 in the SEC this year, and a bye before LSU.