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Lady Tigers

  • Anyone know how they are doing against Green Bay? My cable company wants $83.99 plus tax to watch the game! Too rich for me.

  • 65-52 LSU with 6:41 left.

    ETA: 65-58 within seconds of my first post...LOL. 5:41 left

    Lady tigers are not good enough to sit on a lead. Not at all.

    ETA: 68-61 TO 4:00 left in game. GB ball but charged. LSU ball.

    LSU scores and goes to line. she hits 71-61 3:00 left

    ETA: Plaisance fouled goes to line with score 71-63and missed both with 2:40 left.,.GB hits a three! 71-66. LSU's Plaisance misses a chippy. GB Ball. less than 2 min left.

    ETA: 1:11 LSU ball coming out of TO with 58 secs, Ballard makes 1. 72-66.

    GB hits a three with crap LSU defense. GB hitting 41% of their 3's and haven't missed many in the last 5 minutes. 72-69 LSU bal with 47 seconds left. Plaisance looks completely gassed. Kenney collides with Webb on the inbound pass, and she is down on floor with 44 seconds left. Rammed her head and they are checking for a concussion.

    I am not impressed with the Lady Tigers composure. Or the way their Coach has utilized. they have given away a 17 pint lead and look very unfocused here at the end of the game.
    ETA: LSU getsw a long rebound and goes to line with a foul. FT good ! 73-68, Second Ft good. 74-68. GB is allowed a 2 pt shot under the basket with 9.2 sec left. TO.

    ETA: LSU to inbound ball, they do to, Plaisance who is fouled. She needs to hit these and she has played badly in these last few minutes. 5.8 seconds left. LSU inbounds again. Ballard is fouled with 4.1 left: Ballard FT is 1-2 at line. 75-71. GB misses at buzzer.

    Lady Tigers Win!! 75-71, but it was not beautiful and the concern now for their thin squad is if Jeanne Kenney is going to be able to come back. LSU aDVANCES.

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    Regards to All, JimH

  • You're right Jim! They won, but will have a tougher rode with Penn St, particularly if Kenney can't play!

    "It's my hometown, and that's big for me," Henry said. "It's about playing for the home team in front of family