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Mood from the A&M side

  • A&M had a quarter and a half to run it up on a sleep walking D and abysmal O for LSU. They got 12 points out of it. As the D woke up and started adjusting, the game turned in every way toward LSU. LSU stubbed its own toe repeatedly missing open receivers deep down field. And they gave up the apparently required and obligatory Chavis prevent D touchdown gift late to make it close.

    LSU is not a powerhouse like last year. They have multiple issues offensively and simply missing 8-9 people from what what expected to be in the two deep is also showing up in places like special teams.

    I think A&M will get there in a couple years if Sumlin pays attention to recruiting defensive players instead of just offensive players. Right now, A&M would have a pretty good chance of winning the big 12 in a pretty interesting game against OU or K State.except for that Aggie defense.

    Manziel needs to give the ball to some pretty good backs. Aggies need to keep recruiting OL that can do something besides pass block. Michael and Malena are decent backs and against anyone other than UF, LSU, Bama, they would do well over 4 quarters if Sumlin and Kingsbury don't abandon the run game. It would also keep Manziel a whole lot healthier.

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    Regards to All, JimH

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