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My Take On Recruiting...

  • I've read several post on the board from upset Tiger fans complaining about the recruiting efforts of the staff. It's hard to argue against some prospective but I think there are a few things that LSU must do to return to being a truly elite destination for recruits.

    First and foremost, I think LSU must fix the offense. We have to play a more exciting brand of football. The conservative nature of the staf's game plan and playing not to lose is taking it's toll on attracting potential game-changers type athletes IMO. I can't recall LSU offense being fun too watch since the Matt Flynn era. Due to the years and years of lack luster play calling, under utilizing the talent we have ie. R.S., and the lack of respect from media is swaying big time out of state recruits away. When was the last time LSU signed a 5 star offensive player from OOS?

    I also think that accepting commitments early in the recruiting process has also become a problem. Obviously there are some players you take no matter when they want to commit. But in some cases, I think we accept some players too early which places us in these situations where spots are limited. We need to take a page from Texas with their recent change in recruiting philosophy. The last few years, we've seen this become more and more of a problem. Undoubtedly, some kids we have taken, aren't SEC caliber players and will never see the field at LSU.

    IMO if LSU would make these small changes, we'll see better results in recruiting. I'm not saying we've stunk up the joint in the past few years but anyone with any sense can see that we've deep some in recruiting in recent year..

  • KAWK, while I appreciate your views, I must take an opposing view concerning our recruiting efforts. This '13 class which the staff has assembled is universally regarded as a Top Ten class, and some have them rated as a Top Five group. While I agree that our offense has not been "lights out" for some time, I saw some metamorphosis take place as the season progressed, and I believe, with Mett at QB, that we will continue to strive to be a balanced offense. A balanced offense (50% run/50% pass is my definition) is something I think is worth achieving. I'm not a star-gazer so I don't put much emphasis into the number of stars our players are awarded, as that system has proved to be seriously flawed over time. Rather, I want to know how that player fits into our system and what type of talent skills and mix he brings to the table. I like to know that a player can be seriously improved on the field by solid coaching; in other words, raw, but gifted. QBs, especially, have been difficult for this staff to evaluate, and if they have had a shortcoming, I would say that this is it. No doubt, it has hindered our development into be an offensive powerhouse. The most important aspects to me for a QB is poise, leadership and decision-making ability. I'm not ignorant of the fact that a gifted, athlete just won the Heisman Trophy at aTm, or that the image of a QB is changing from being the classic Johnny U. model to the running, scrambling style of Cam Newton, but I am an old-fashioned guy. The classic model of QB was never proven to be flawed in my opinion. So that's my take on where we are in recruiting, and I apologize for being so verbose, as that is not my usual kind of post. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts as much as I enjoyed reading yours.

  • No thanks. Texas' recruiting is underwhelming these days for the most advantaged program in the country.

  • I think it started with them making shoddy evaluations and trying to take 20 verbals before August. Definitely not the way to go in my opinion.

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  • They were demanding verbals in February, then taking lesser talents if the kid refused, is what the problem was. They didn't use their summer camps to evaluate that year's prospects like we usually do. They already had that year's class locked up by the end of spring and used camps to make premature evaluations for the next year's class.

    They also focused on players, especially linemen, from big, winning schools, so a lot of them were already close to maxed out S&C wise. So LSU would come in and swoop up the high-upside guys like Brockers (who was a very early commit himself, maybe the first in his class even) that Texas ignored.

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  • MSU1974 this is a discussion board and I enjoy reading and hearing others point-of-view. I don't always agree with some of the stuff I read but if you can substantiate your prospective, I can respect with your points. That doesn't mean I'm going to change how I feel but at then end of the day, you may have enlighten me to a new prospective.

    Just so you know. I'm a huge fan and I enjoy having sensible discussions with other die hard tiger fans. Obviously, some fans can't separate sports from reality but then there is others with opinions that are very valid and creative which causes you to think. The board works when that's accomplished.

    I agree with you that having a 50/50 offense is ideal. I think the game is simplified significantly when you can run the ball successfully. With LSU, I think the offense is too simplistic. We don't run much misdirection, reverses or screens. I think an advantage that an offense has is making the defense defend the entire field. We don't do that and it's problematic. Teams like Ole Miss, Ark, Miss State, and Aub to name a few, have all been in battles with us bc of our offensive ineptness. Having a classic drop back QB or runner/thrower doesn't matter to me. Just make is more difficult for defenses to defend.

    Lastly, the Texas reference was only to point out that we need to exercise more due diligence early in the recruiting process. We are still two months out from NSD and we only have a few spots left. Texas learned that was a tactical mistake and there's something to their logic.

    Thanks for replying MSU1974

  • If you are talking about this year, State was not really a battle, and Ole Miss wasn't because of offensive ineptness.

    While I agree our offense needs to become more balanced and explosive just for its own sake, I disagree that the blandness has caused very apparent recruiting problems, at least not for purposes of the discussion that's been going on the past few days. We haven't had huge problems yet recruiting OL or RB or even WR or TE, and we have two of the nation's best QB's coming in early this year.

    What many here take issue with is that we have missed out on some top in-state prospects we offered the past few years. But other than maybe Reed (if you take his recruitment at face value), none can really be blamed on the offense. Besides Robinson, who simply followed his buddy (and also surrounded by sketchiness), all the rest (Collins, Davis, Devall) were defensive players.

    Also as I posted above, I don't think we take too many commitments too early. Except for studs, we do the majority of our evals at summer camp and early senior year, which is just about perfect IMO in order to balance solid evaluation with "showing the love" early enough. I do agree Texas was very wrong (and very lazy) in basically recruiting their entire class a whole year in advance. But if you look at other high-major teams and how they are filling their available spots, we are more or less in line with the trend.

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  • Well, it has been almost universally agreed that our WR are only about average for a top-level team. We've missed out on a number of guys who initially placed us at the top. But, who'd want to play WR for a team that lacked a quality passing qb (or if they had one, would not play him unless the running qb was in jail). Yes, we have had problems recruiting WR's the past couple of years.


  • Kawk,
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the LA kids that LSU has lost over the last few years have ALL been defensive players. T Davis, D Devall, and L Collins. Many are upset this year over Beckwith, who is another defensive guy. We can't be upset about RSJ because he is a Texas kid who stayed home. Those worried about 2014 need to calm down.

    Sure, the offense has had its issues, but our losses have been on defense. There are to many Saban worshippers and butt kissers coaching High school ball in LA. Saban has been able to recruit LA well because of 5 years of coaching in LA.

  • Definitely agreee with this... we are seeing a change in recruiting, and kids are commiting earlier & earlier every year

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  • Our top four WR this year were a 5* (Landry), a top 50 recruit (Beckham), a top 150 recruit (Boone), and a top 200 recruit (Wright). Recruiting them is not the issue; using them is.

    Which WR that allegedly favored us early have we lost out on?

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  • Justin Hunter comitted and ended up @ Tenn. Mike Davis comitted, became a longhorn. Just 2 WR that comes to mind.

  • Davis was always gonna be a Horn if they offered. Just like Nevis, Logan, etc who got late LSU offers after committing elsewhere.

    Hunter left because his lead recruiter, position coach and meal ticket (Coach Mac) had to quit recruiting altogether after the Hicks fiasco. It wasn't because of the offense, as Tennessee was even worse than us in the couple of years prior.

    That's why we wander and follow La Vie Dansante...

  • No worries, bro. I enjoyed your comments, as I mentioned previously, and any time we can have a civil, intelligent discussion about our Tigers, I'm all in. Everyone views things a little differently, and that's a good thing. Take care and keep posting!

  • Some good talking points here but if we lose Beckwith there can be no denying there is a breach in the wall around the state.

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    That's why we wander and follow La Vie Dansante...

  • Besides Lacy, none of those have had a lot of impact for their teams. Lacy was passed on by the LSU staff because of other issues. That is my point.

    Actually, none of those would have brought any change in the LSU offense.