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Nkemdiche, Foster, Goodman, Williams, Lawson, & more picks

  • >>>>>Guesses on where all of these guys will go.

    DE Robert Nkemdiche: It's all Ole Miss, it appears, barring a huge surprise. LSU is a threat but it would be stunning if Nkemdiche spurns his mom's wishes and doesn't end up playing with the Rebels and his older brother.

    LB Reuben Foster: Foster has many schools on his list and everything could change depending on where former Auburn assistant coach Trooper Taylor lands. But I think Georgia is probably the team to beat here. Auburn is trying to get him back in the fold and is pushing hard and LSU is also a threat. Even Foster doesn't know right now and seems to be adding more schools than subtracting, so things could change quickly.

    DB Tahaan Goodman: Goodman lists quite a few schools, but the feeling here is that he either ends up at UCLA with buddy Priest Willis or he heads out to LSU with Willis. I'd be surprised if the duo ended up at separate schools and if it wasn't either the Bruins or the Tigers but Goodman is tough to read.

    DE Tim Williams: For the longest time this looked like an LSU layup, but the Tigers essentially backed off. Now it's between Alabama, Miami and Florida State with the Hurricanes having the most momentum. He visits them in order over the next three weekends but it wouldn't be a surprise if he ends things at The U on the weekend of Jan. 18.

    DE Carl Lawson: Lawson remains committed to Auburn but many feel he will end up at either Clemson or Ole Miss. Tennessee is also in the mix. Ole Miss is the new hot thing for Lawson and playing opposite of Nkemdiche wouldn't be a bad thing. However, he has not de-committed from Auburn and Rodney Garner is working hard to keep it that way. Keep in mind Lawson has a teammate committed to Ole Miss and the Auburn relationship has been up and down since the clean sweep of the coaching staff.

    WR Derrick Griffin: Griffin is committed to Texas A&M but said he would visit LSU. I think he sticks with the Aggies here in the end. He's been committed for more than a year and nothing makes me think that will change. He still has some academic hurdles to get past.

    WR Demorea Stringfellow: Stringfellow is committed to Washington and that is likely to stay the same, but he has been pursued by UCLA and now LSU. We'll see if he sets any other visits.

    Other SEC decisions:

    DB Antonio Conner: Conner said Alabama is his leader in a recent interview but Ole Miss could emerge after a tight battle. Conner has long been linked with the Rebels and I can see him being swayed if some big names start committing as expected. However, he could pull a move like Landon Collins and be an in-state kid we all assumed would stay home, only to head to the Tide.

    QB Jeremy Johnson: Johnson is committed to Auburn but will visit Ole Miss. The Rebels will make a strong run, but Auburn is the place where he can push to start from day one.

    WR Laquon Treadwell: Ole Miss is the team to beat right now heading into an official to Oklahoma State this weekend. Treadwell has two officials left after this weekend, if he wants to take them, so a surprise program could enter the picture. But right now, it's Ole Miss.

    OL Laremy Tunsil: Georgia and Alabama are the top two here and I think the Dawgs have the edge right now. Alabama has to be tempting after watching them dismantle Notre Dame Monday night, but UGA was his leader heading into his visit with the Tide and then things evened out. Whenever that happens, it is likely the previous favorite wins out, which is good news for Georgia.

    DT Montravius Adams: Like Treadwell, mom knows best. It appears Clemson and Georgia are in a two-team battle, with Alabama, Florida and others trailing. Adams has a huge visit to Clemson this upcoming weekend, and it appears his final visit will be to Georgia.

    DT Eddie Vanderdoes: Vanderdoes de-committed from USC but will be on the Trojans' big visit weekend Jan. 18. UCLA is a real threat here, as is Notre Dame. Washington and Alabama are longshots. However, Vanderdoes said he will not decide until Signing Day so anything could happen, including a re-commitment to USC.

    DE Dee Liner: Liner remains committed to Auburn and will likely stay that way until Signing Day. However on Feb. 6, many, including me, expect him to flip to Alabama. I think this has been in the works for some time and essentially could be a done deal, but Auburn is pushing hard to keep him while others such as Miami are pushing to get him on campus.

    RB Altee Tenpenny: Tenpenny has been committed to Alabama for some time, but with Bret Bielema and his rushing attack now at Arkansas, Tenpenny's official visit to the Hawgs on Jan. 18 is a huge one. I get the feeling Tenpenny could flip and stay home.

    WR Earnest Robinson: Robinson remains committed to Auburn but might visit South Carolina, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Florida, Florida State. He could be a sign-and-place like Griffin, and I think he sticks with Auburn.

    OL Ira Denson: Denson is committed to Florida State and will visit Florida and Ole Miss before he makes a final decision. This one is interesting because Denson has been hinting at a huge Signing Day surprise on Twitter and many felt if Florida pushed hard the Gators could get him. I think he sticks with FSU in the end, but it wouldn't stun me if he was a late flip.

    >>>>This very nice tidbit:

    Aside from USC's amazing group of commitments at the U.S. Army Bowl, the next best group in my opinion was the LSU commitment group.

    >>>>Also a couple of more interesting tidbits:

    keep an eye on are WR Robert Foster who recently committed to Alabama. (He) could stick, but I can see circumstances changing. his decision to choose Alabama over Pitt was a surprising one, since most people felt he was inclined to stay home. Keeping him in the Alabama class doesn't sound hard, especially when you consider the Tide's on-field dominance, but Foster will be a guy they need to continue to recruit right up until LOI Day.

    Speaking of flips, there have been plenty lately, with the biggest being Robinson deciding to enroll at Florida after what seems like 16 changes, and DeMarcus Walker flipping from Alabama to Florida State.

    With so many early commitments this is only the tip of the iceberg as the last month is going to be crazy.

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  • 58 great write up, but I must say it seems things are pretty fluid and I think you're off base on a couple that might end up at LSU.

    T. Williams for one, and I think RN wants to come to LSU but must convince mom it's ok... If she visits with him, then we get his signature

    maybe just wishful thinking on my part, but I see happening.. The kid "loves LSU" from early on.

  • offer Nkemdiche's brother at Ole Miss a scholarship to play for LSU as well.

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  • That's all just cut and pasted from the attached Mike Farrell Rivals column. I just pasted the LSU and SEC related info from his weekly column.

    Hope you are right and the Rivals guy is wrong.cheers

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  • So basically, Rivals feels that LSU gets none of those guys. I'll be disappointed if that happens.


  • How is Ole Miss one of the final teams for several top players???????

  • It didnt sound too bad for us landing both Willis & Goodman...

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    Proud to support everything Louisiana

  • Just one of those years for them. Had a lot fall their way (like Knemdiche's bro being on the team already).

  • Thanks 58 for a great post.

    Am still wondering how Tim Williams qualifies for the U?

  • Thanks for sharing, 58. Good reading, and I think this last month might be kinda crazy and bring some surprises. Re LSU, I hope all the surprises are good ones. Keeping our class intact would be a nice effort for the staff.

  • thanks 58. Might be wishful thinking, but I still feel we have a shot at Nkemdiche, escpecially if he follows through and visits. Also, hopefully Jim Mora lands the San Diego job - would certainly help with Goodman and Willis.