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Official NSD Up-Vote Thread ...

  • National Signing Day is the culmination of years worth of searching, hoping, persuading, encouraging, battling and finding recruits with the anticipation of building championship caliber teams for our beloved Tigers! We are all here for the same reasons; love of school, pride for our state, and to see the great Tiger legacy live on.

    This day is only about one thing: relishing our storied past while crazily awaiting our journey into the future as the Pride of Louisiana and the Pulse of Southern Football. So on this day of days we shall use this thread for 24 hours to show our appreciation by using all of our Up-Votes whether it be on our friends or the people we disagree with most here because in the end families stick together and we are the Tiger Nation!

    Every time a LOI comes in please post that Future Tigers name for all to see (names should posted over and over again by everyone) because that Tiger deserves to be shown love the only way we can show true recognition on this site; by UP-VOTING!

    So let the NSD festivities begin and Happy NATIONAL SIGNING DAY everyone! Here is to our bright future and the start of something special in 2013!!! lsutiger

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  • Amen! I just hope I hear the alarm clock after while. I will definitely check back, hung over or not.