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The Playoff System

  • Last year, the critics were calling for a playoff system after they watched a team who wasn't even their own conference champion get crowned as the national champion. I quickly said that a playoff won't solve that problem. All it does is give the 3rd and 4th best teams a shot at the title. Looking at LSU and Alabama play, it's quite likely that these two teams will repeat last year's scenario. And with the Louisiana talent staying home and Saban being at Alabama, I don't see this scenario changing much for awhile now. USC seems to be making a move but where is their physicality ?? Stanford manhandled those boys physically and mentally. Oregon will always be a player as long as they keep Chip Kelly. But, in my opinion, they will all fall by the wayside late in the game when they match up against the Big Two. It's almost like two different levels with a few (Oregon, USC, Stanford, Texas, OU, etc.) in between. Of course, some of you may differ in what you see, but I see two juggernauts atop the rest that do not seem to be falling anytime soon. Playoffs won't change that scenario other than giving 3 and 4 a shot. rockon

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