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Time Management

  • Just watched the Colts win over the Lions. Luck clocked the ball with 15 sec left in game on about the 15 yard line of the Lions. "Sound familiar" By clocking the ball, the Colts were able to run 4 plays in 15 sec . They scored on the last play to win game. Blows my mind how these college coaches that make a lot of money have such poor clock mngt skills. I think the Dog fans have a rite to be pissed rite now that there coach didnt give them a better chance to win that game. Just my thoughts..

  • I think Bama fans might be nervous that Saban's poor clock management almost cost them the game.

    More to the point, it isn't just college. Clock management is poor in the NFL as well, today's Colts game being a good example in a sea of poor ones ( see Brees this week.)

    I think given how poor it is even from the best coaches (Saban) and players (Brees) it should tell us that it is harder to do well than we at home believe.

    Richt's decision was more defensible than Saban's or Brees' if you ask me. His goal was to clock it. The pass was supposed to go to the end zone and then it was either a touchdown or an incomplete pass which would stop the clock. Theoretically no chance of a catch in bounds with the clock running. They didn't plan on it getting tipped.

    A bit of a gamble, but not inexplicable. Brees and Saban don't really have that excuse.

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