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Will there be a coaching staff change BOOOM soon?

  • WB,

    Those are legit points, and in fairness, Cameron has a track record of success with his tenure in the league. I agree some situations are not the same when a coach gets to a pro city and team. It would be great if Cameron could have the effect on the QB play he did in San Diego with our QB's (ironic Philip River's younger brother is one of them).

    As long as Miles concentrates on being a head coach and lays off the offense with Cameron or whoever the OC is, I am fine with these "changes". Les needs to get out of his own way, so to speak on offense, and as much as I like the man personally, he needs to make a the changes he is known to make when pretty much forced to so.

    The OL is a place that has potential excellence in its players and its depth, but they need to have an idea of what to do in the pass block schemes needed to protect an immobile starting QB.

    Miles has done it in the past and needs to do it again, because as competitive as his team is, they are taking on the look of a program not completely on top of its potential greatness over the last 14 games they have played. They are a young, very young, team and they are very, very close to great. Just a tweak in this staff in the right spots may be the answer.

    I feel we can agree that a long stare in the mirror by Les is the first step followed by the changes in staff to inject a new urgency and excitement in the players on offense. They are going to have to participate in LSU's games and dominate some teams next year while the defense gets its identity and sense of unity.

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    Regards to All, JimH

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