Weekly Film Session: South Carolina

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Spencer Ware breaks a long run against South Carolina

LSU played its most complete game of the season on Saturday and came out with a 23-21 win over South Carolina.

After breaking down the film here are some numbers and notes that grabbed our attention.

Packages Used

Offensive Formations
I Formation/2 WR Split/1 TE Right: 11 Plays (5 runs, 6 passes)
I Formation/2 WR Split/1 TE Left: 7 Plays (3 runs, 4 passes)
I formation/2 WR Left/1 TE Right: 8 Runs
I formation/2 WR Right/1 TE Left: 4 Plays (1 run, 3 passes)
I formation/2 WR Right/1 TE Right: 5 Plays (5 runs, 1 pass)
I formation/1 WR Right/2 TE Left: 3 Runs
I formation/1 WR Right/2 TE Right: 5 Runs
I formation/1 WR Right/2 TE Split: 10 Plays (9 runs, 1 pass)
I formation/1 WR Left/2 TE Right: 3 Plays (2 runs, 1 pass)
I formation/1 WR Left/2 TE Split: 5 Runs
I formation/3 TE Left: 1 Run
I formation/3 TE Right: 2 Runs
I Formation/2 TE Right/1 TE Left: 1 Pass
1 Back/2 FB Split/2 TE Split: 1 Run
3 Wide/2 WR Left & 1 Right/TE Left/1 Back: 1 Pass
3 Wide/2 WR Left & 1 Right/TE Right/ 1 Back: 1 Run
3 Wide/3 WR Right/TE Right/1 Back: 1 Pass
3 Wide/3 WR Right/2 Backs: 1 Pass
4 Wide: 7 Plays (1 run, 6 passes)
Victory: 1 Run

Offensive Notes:
*** LSU ran 78 offensive plays against South Carolina for 406 yards of total offense. It was the most snaps they have gotten this year since the season opener against North Texas (72), and the most snaps in the two years that Greg Studrawa has served as offensive coordinator.

*** The Tigers ran the ball 53 times for 258 yards, which is a season-high in carries. It was also the most since the Cotton Bowl win to close out the 2010 campaign against Texas A&M (55).

*** LSU ran the ball behind the left side of the line 12 times for 62 yards. They rushed 21 times for 146 yards behind the right side of the line that featured two freshmen in Trai Turner (OG) and Vadal Alexander (OT), and 18 times for 57 yards up the middle.

*** The Tigers ran 32 plays on first down with 25 runs and seven attempted passes. The 25 rushes netted 174 yards, and Zach Mettenberger completed 3-of-6 passes for 19 yards and was sacked once.

*** On second down, Mettenberger completed 4-of-10 for 47 yards, and LSU ran the ball 16 times for 64 yards. On average, the Tigers needed three yards to move the chains on second down.

*** The Tigers converted 11-of-19 on third down for the game. Mettenberger was 5-for-9 for 82 yards and all five completions resulted in a first down. He was 4-of-5 for 66 yards in the first half alone.

*** LSU ran two tight end sets 29 times and 24 were in the second half. Of those 24 plays in the second half, LSU ran the ball 22 times. Mettenberger was sacked once and he threw an incomplete pass on a fade to Nic Jacobs.

*** LSU ran 3-wide only four times and went 4-wide seven times.

*** Mettenberger finished the game 12-of-25 for 148 yards with one interception. He went with his first read 21 times and completed 4-of-7 passes when he was lined up in the shotgun for 61 yards.

*** LSU’s receivers dropped only one pass when James Wright dropped one on 2nd and 11.

*** The Tigers’ receivers gained 71 yards after the catch.

*** LSU broke a total of 34 tackles with Jeremy Hill, who rushed for 124 yards on 17 carries, leading the way with 14. Spencer Ware broke nine and Kenny Hilliard broke six.

*** After going three and out six times against Florida, LSU went three and out only twice against South Carolina with one on their last drive when they were trying to run out the clock.

Defensive Sets
4-3 (38 Plays)
Nickel (2 Plays)
Dime (16 Plays)
Goal line (5 Plays)

Defensive Notes:
*** LSU held South Carolina to 211 yards of total offense which was the lowest output for the Gamecocks in the 2012 season.

*** South Carolina rushed for only 34 yards against LSU and that was 97 fewer from their previous low in 2012.

*** The Tigers sacked South Carolina QB Connor Shaw four times which is a season high that the Gamecocks have allowed. Two of the sacks were when LSU was in their base 4-3 and the other two when they were in their dime package.

*** LSU missed only nine tackles for the game. Kevin Minter missed three, while Eric Reid, Lavar Edwards, Lamin Barrow, Bennie Logan, Sam Montgomery and Chancey Aghayere each missed one.

*** On average, South Carolina needed seven yards to move the chains on second down.

*** Prior to going up 23-14, John Chavis was in his base 4-3 alignment 77 percent of the time.

*** LSU brought extra pressure 23 times.


Offensive Player of the Week
Jeremy Hill: 17 rushes for 125 yards and 2 TDs

Defensive Player of the Week
Eric Reid: 7 tackles,1 INT

Special Teams Player of the Week
James Hairston

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