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Today's Debate

If you were LSU offensive coordinator Greg Studrawa, what would you do to attack the Alabama defense on Saturday night.

Would you come out with the Tigers' traditional attack of trying to run out of the I-Formation and mix in some play-action passes, or would you spread the field and attack the Crimson Tide secondary with three and four-wide receiver sets?

That is what Geaux247 is debating today and we want to hear from you in the thread below.

  • 1st -- Alabama will be the best defense we have faced up until this point, and for the rest of the year for that matter. Don't forget that we go up against a pretty good defense everyday at practice....

    2nd -- LSU will be the best defense BAMA has faced this year, and for the rest of the year for that matter. They too face a pretty darn good defense everyday at practice.....

    3rd -- LSU has the athletes to compete, and beat this BAMA team.

    4th -- There will be no intimidation on either side of the ball come Saturday night!!!!

    Now for the answer to your question:

    Establishing the run will be a necessity come Saturday Night. I think that LSU has the athletes to be able to do this, better than anybody BAMA faces this year. I would love to see them do it with more variety. I would love to see them open up running lanes by altering the formations to naturally remove people from the box. 3,4 and 5 wide receiver sets loosen a defense up strictly on coverage responsibilities. If we go 5 wides, I would love to see Russell Shepard in the "wild tiger" trying to find a crease to slip through, or heaven forbid a tight end over the middle to connect with. I too think that we have GOT to exploit the TE releasing just behind the LB's as this will soften the LB's from only lining up 1 yard off of the ball selling out to stop the run. We don't need a bunch of 20 yard plays, we need to be able to get 4 yds a pop and subtle changes will allow this to happen due to the caliber of athlete attempting to do it, this ain't michigan!!!!!

    We need to go deep on BAMA to keep them honest. If you remember after the NC game Saban was asked what it felt like to watch his defense play the perfect game. His response was, "there were receivers running free down the field all night, that wasn't a perfect game. For whatever reason, LSU chose not to attempt those throws." We need those throws, and a couple of completions to keep the entire BAMA team from selling out to stop the run. This will have to be done early in the game as it will set the tempo for what is to come. It will also be critical for us to establish offensive productivity early to prevent falling behind. Falling behind by 14 or more could be death in a game like this.

    We need for Zach to have more than 1 receiver options. We all too frequently only have 1 receiving option in the play. This allows the defense to stack the other 10 people in the box, and with good cover corners, we make it easy to stop the run of our own doing.

    If we line up in the base I formation, I would love to see them play action out of this. If BAMA is geared to stop the run then this may just be the perfect time to release the TE, or a receiver lined up tight, and hit this over the top as BAMA sells out on the run game.

    If we loosen the defense up I think our stable of backs can and will find running room. Our offensive production hasn't been anything to get excited about, but we don't lack much from putting together a pretty decent game. The receivers have GOT to catch anything thrown their way. If they drop, they come out and are replaced with someone else that is eager to make a name for themselves.... And this is the stage to have this happen.

    RB SCREENS--this will alleviate some of the pressure that the eager defensive front will be applying... Hill or Ford could make them pay if we utilize this tool.... spread the defense out with your formation when you attempt this to increase the odds of a running lane being free of congestion......

    Creativity with formations, and maintaining your philosophy of establishing the run, will be a big difference maker in this game. A balanced attack, for LSU it could be 60% run and 40% pass, will also be critical in how our offense moves the ball. We are capable of pulling this off, it will have to be the best offensive performance to date and the best coached game since Oregon.......

    We cannot play for FG's. If we miss out on a touchdown opportunity then by all means take the field goal, but don't play 3 conservative downs knowing a FG is given. Spread teams out on the goal line instead of saying, "here we all are, now line up and try to stop us. We are going to do this Okie Style." Conservative play calling in the red zone is very visible in our red zone efficiency stats....

    Bring back the mad hatter!!!! Earn the moniker Lesticles!!!! Make me jump out of my seat with excitement because I cannot believe the play you just ran, and the creativity behind it. At this point in the season, the OC could have been my 1st grade football coach who taught us: 32 dive, 34 dive, 36 dive, 38 sweep, Fake 32 dive Y curl, 22 dive, heck we even ran a reverse and a double reverse.... Elementary in this game will get us killed... Earn the checks and develop a game plan the builds on previous plays to set up future ones.

    Ever since each of these young men were kids, they have dreamed about playing in games like this, of this caliber, of this significance. They have the opportunity, in front of them, to accomplish goals set from a very young age. I am confident that this Tiger team can be great. I know they haven't put it all together just yet, but if they do, Saturday night could be a special night in Tiger football history..

    PAYBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beat BAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! flexflexflexflexflexflex

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  • I saw that movie last night. That song has been in my head all day. lol I love that song. lol

  • Screens, draws, misdirection traps, and throw the damn football on seams posts in the deeper middle. Oh Yeah can we isolate a Slot on a linebacker which was ALWAYS a problem for Nicky's defenses here at LSU.

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